Adoption is the practice in which an adult assumes the role of parent for a child who is not biologically their own and giving him or her all the rights and privileges of one's own child.

Most laws are designed with the best interests of the child in mind, not the best interests of the adult who intends to adopt. The adoption procedure varies depending on whether the child comes from an agency which handles adoptions or comes from a stranger or relative, along with the age of the child and the adoptive parent or parents.

Private Adoption

Private adoption is a legal method of building a family through adoption without using an adoption agency. The biological parents relinquish their parental rights directly to the adoptive parents. Private adoption is also governed by state laws.Single parent adoption

As one-parent households become more common, single parent adoption increases. The issue of personal finances and single income families has become less important since adoption subsidies are available nationwide.

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Summary of Adoption Procedures

The formal steps involved in adoption are generally the same in all states. Notice of adoption is given to all parties who have a legal interest in the case, except for the child. The parents seeking to adopt must file a petition in court that contains specific information such as the adoptive parents names as well as the child's, the child's gender and age, and the names of the natural parents, if known. Written consent of the agency or the natural parents must be attached with the petition.

A hearing is then held so the court may review the qualifications of the potential parents and either grant or deny the petition.

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