Our attorneys can help you establish the correct form of business entity. This could be a Corporation, LLC or a Partnership. You should determine the name of the new entity, each owner's percentage of ownership, the contribution that each owner is going to make to the entity and any recommendations that you might receive from your tax advisor regarding the form of business entity. We can then draft the documents necessary to set up the new business entity which will best meet your business needs in a quick and cost effective manner.


Starting a new business or becoming a business owner for the first time can be extremely confusing. A successful business owner must consider a number of complex factors, including:

  • Choosing how to organize the business
  • Drafting a business plan
  • Obtaining insurance
  • Obtaining necessary licenses and permits
  • Clearing the zoning process
  • Hiring and paying employees

The laws covering these issues are very different from state to state and from city to city. New business owners should definitely consult with an attorney with experience in business law.


When starting a new business, you will need to finance it and set up a business plan. An experienced business law attorney can help you to take these steps.

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There are a large number of costs associated with any new business. You must consider one-time expenses and start-up costs, from construction and renovation to inventory to advertising costs to hire new employees. You will need to draw up a business plan and organize your business.

Typically, financial institutions and other investors require a business plan before agreeing to finance a new business. Your business plan should include:

  •  A description of the business and its features.
  • What goods or services you will sell.
  • A marketing plan that indicates your customer base.
  • Research showing a need for your business.
  • Staffing and management plans, showing how you will organize and run your business.
  • Financial plans. These should show the cost of starting, operating, and maintaining the business and indicate what profit is expected and when.

A potential new business owner must always be aware of the costs involved in starting a new business. All start-up costs and one-time expenses must be considered. The business owner will want to contact a financial institution and/or other investors in order to attain financing.

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