An important part of estate planning is trying to keep your estate intact to the greatest possible degree. This does not mean the utilization of secretive and unethical means; there are a number of legal and charitable ways to protect your property for retirement or for your estate. Asset protection is complex and requires knowledge of a number of legal concentrations. You should consult an experienced attorney before initiating an asset protection plan.

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In many instances, it is possible to transfer the ownership of an asset to a spouse. This makes it unavailable in most instances to creditors. Many people have actually transferred the vast majority of their assets to a trust, foundation, or other entity. They own little in their own name, and assets controlled by the new entity may not be subject to any claims against the individual.

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Asset protection, done legally, is very different from actions taken in order to commit fraud against creditors or the government. It is vital to have the advice and assistance of an attorney who has experience in estate planning

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